Our coreCompetencies



Civil Engineering & Infrastructural Design

At Miladi Projects Limited we ensure effective, qualitative and timely object delivery. In achieving this we have a team with the required skillset to manage engineering projects, ensuring compliance with quality controls and checks with minimum or no cost variations, whilst delivering seamless, integrated and sustainable engineering solutions that contribute to the enhancement of the built up areas and utilizing all value engineering opportunities available.

Thus, we are able to deliver to the agreed end-to-end Civil and Engineering services. Our expertise in this area includes but not limited to Roads, Drainages, Concrete Works, Commercial and Residential Building Developments and all Civil Engineering Related activities. Our Clients include both Private, Corporate and Government agencies.


Project Management & Monitoring

We have the technical and human capacity to consult, initiate and supervise construction processes from preconstruction stages to Project Close-Out and handover to Clients. Our Project Management and Monitoring process oversees all the tasks and metrics necessary to ensure that the approved and authorized project is within scope, on time, and on budget so that the project proceeds with minimal risk. This process involves comparing actual performance with planned performance and taking corrective action to yield the desired outcome when significant differences exist.

Our process is continuously performed throughout the life of the project, thus helping Clients to achieve desired results. Our services are tailored to the size and complexities of a given project to achieve total quality management.

Our client list include Private and Corporate Organizaon and majorly y the Financial Insstuon o monitor projects being financed.


Facility Management Services

We provide Facility Management Services which includes property maintenance and repair so as to ensure maximum comfort for Clients. We place high importance on providing an efficient and reliable services with customer care focus.

In ensuring that we offer the best services for our Client, we conduct a Facility Audit/Condition Survey and a report is generated which covers the inventory and condition of existing assets, determine the functional performance of the building components and infrastructure and recommend correction of observed deficiencies.

After which we deploy a dedicated Site Manager for onsite facility management within each facility we are managing to ensure a round the clock service delivery and minimum turnaround me or queries and services.

We ensure that all aspects of the Facility is managed professionally by carrying out regular routine inspections, identification and rectification of building defects, Occupant relations, interface management.



Once we get a go on a project, a team with the required skillset is deployed to analyse the theoretical part of the project as well as running the methodology to be deployed in order to develop our strategy to effectively manage the project at every point.

We treat each project in isolation and develop a whole new methodology for the effective rendition of the object. A brief through our standard approach to each project:


Project Selection

(I) Classification of the project
(II) Development the methodology
(III) Identify the value engineering opportunities
(IV) Obtain an interval approval



(I) Identify the required project resources
(II) Identify all health and safety issues with mitigation of all identified factors
(III) Asses the utilization of the project resources
(IV) Develop preliminary project plan/work schedule
(V) Conduct the internal project kick-off meeting
(VI) Develop the integrated project plan
(VII) Finalize the baseline project plan


Implementation & Deployment

(I) Formation of the team for the project
(II) Identification and procurement of materials
(III) Put in place the project controls and checks
(IV) Establish the project management team
(V) Mobilize to site and commence work


Close Out

(I) Close out the project internally
(II) Examine all Health and Safety incidences
(III) Hold the final project review and critique
(IV) Submission of the close out reports
(V) Project Handover


Health and SafetyEnvironment Policy

Miladi Projects Limited is committed to the highest standard of excellence in service delivery. The same commitment to excellence applies to the manner in which the company discharges its responsibilities or the health and safety of staff, contractors, visitors and all those who may be affected by the company’s activities and operations.

In meeting this commitment, the company acknowledges all applicable local health and safety legislations and also global industry best practices and will take all steps within its power to provide a working and living environment which is healthy and safe for employees, contractors and visitors and other stakeholders. That said, every individual has a duty within the legislations to take care for their own health and safety and take due consideration or the health and safety of others. Compliance with all statutory obligations is a minimum standard. This Policy aims to go beyond this but will only work if there is a total commitment to health and safety by all concerned.

The ultimate responsibility for health and safety within the company rests with the management. A management structure which gives effect to the implementation of the company’s health and safety policy is available. The company recognizes that failures in health and safety management have the potential o damage the human, professional and financial resources of the company. Control of risk is a management responsibility inseparable from other aspects of professional management. To assist in the task of identifying and controlling risk, the company will appoint persons ‘competent to provide advice in accordance with the objectives of the company.

Each line responsible management must ensure as far as is reasonably practicable that everyone who may be affected by the business of the company is aware of the health and safety arrangements and has adequate information, equipment, instruction, training and supervision to enable hazards and risks to health to be avoided. The company is committed to ensuring that risk assessments are carried out as required by the legislations and other regulations where the need for risk assessment is defined.

All staff in a supervisory position must be familiar with the company’s health and safety policy and recognize that they have responsibility for the health and safety of those whom they supervise. This affirms the company’s view that achieving good health and safety standards is an essential part of good management and supervision. In practice this means leading by example, promoting good working practices, ensuring that all equipment is maintained in safe condition, ensuring that instructions are in place and being followed, reporting accidents/incidents and investigating the causes of accidents in order to identify and implement remedial measures.